Content Design

So what is Content Design?

Content Design is where words, design and user experience meet. To get it right online, you need to do all three really, really well. Content Designers make sure your users can do what they need to, when they need to, with ease.

Website structure and layout

Nowadays, building a website is pretty easy. Every business seems to have one, so there’s too many remember.

But you always remember the bad ones. The ones with too much text. The ones where nothing seems to be where you would expect to find it. The search doesn’t work. It takes forever to load, and when it does it moves around.

Content Designers try to understand how, why and when people use websites and social media. Then they go about making each of those experiences quick, simple and enjoyable to use.

Language, content and social media

Think of a “good” brand or website you use a lot. You can see the logo, hear the slogan or imagine their website.

But without always realising, you can kind of imagine the way they sound, the words they use or the way they write their emails. Content Designers use research, data and their expertise in all-things-language to give your brand a clear identity.

At the same time, we think about accessibility: the context people are reading your content in, their reading ability and other needs to make sure everyone can hear what you have to say.

Content types and formats

Sometimes words just don’t cut it. Or they don’t communicate something well – or fast – enough for people. In person, we use gestures and sounds to help. But online, it’s not so easy.

What if your user is on their phone? Or distracted? Or can’t see that well?

Images, videos, infographics, games are all useful tools to help your website be clear and helpful all of the time, to everyone.

User research and data

Imagining the people that use your website will only get you so far. Like any good design practice, you need to understand who your audience are, and hear what they have to say.

Content Designers use a combination of real user research, data analysis and desk research to make sure you know exactly who you’re talking to. Then, they set the right tone across your website, product and social media channels.

Why you a need Content Designer

A Content Designer makes sure your website, social media content, or product does exactly what it needs to, when it needs to.

For you, it’s all about connecting your product, design and content together into a compelling online experience. For users, it’s about making sure it works exactly how they’d expect.

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