Life doesn't happen in the studio.

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Stories need more than words and pictures. I create voices for brands, so you can tell yours.

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Hey, I’m James. I’m an outdoors photographer and a Content Design specialist living in Manchester. I’ve been working as professional Content Designer since 2015, and created online experiences for some of the biggest brands in the UK.

I combine both to give brands everything they need to thrive online: lifestyle photography, website, social media content and most important of all… a story.

The way I work

Planet first.

I love the outdoors. But to save it, we all need to do better. I leave no trace. And I love working with brands that tread lightly too.

No hidden tricks.

Start with people, be upfront and be honest. Content needs to be useful, clear and have purpose. So do I.

Have fun.

Creativity makes for happy, empowered people. And happy, empowered people do their best work.

What I do


Outdoor clothing brand? Cafe? Whatever the project, I can help tell your story with lifestyle photography.
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With years of experience in Content Design and copywriting for some of the UK’s household names, I can craft a unique brand voice and tone that connects with your audience.
What is Content Design?

Social media

I can establish your brand online and plan long term social media campaigns that build connections.

Content Strategy

Bespoke strategies for all your channels, and one-to-one coaching so you can take control of your content.

Voice and tone

Your brand’s visual identity is the same everywhere. So why wouldn’t it sound the same, too? Get your voice.

Web design

Need a beautiful website that brings your company into the online age? I can do that for you.

Want to work together? Get in touch!

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