James Cleaver

The floating isle2019-12-24T10:01:59+00:00
A small autumnal island floats in the centre of a lake. Mist and low cloud rolls over the water's surface creating the illusion that the island is floating in the sky.
Warnscale Head bothy at sunset2019-12-24T11:07:23+00:00
A stone bothy on a mountainside, overlooking a sweeping valley with two large lakes in the middle.
As thick fog rolls through a dense woodland, a small cluster of trees peek through the white veil and reveal themselves.
Stones, Skiddaw, Sunset2019-12-19T16:05:41+00:00
As the sun sets over a calm, still lake, pink fluffy clouds hover above a looming mountain range with three prominent peaks. An arrangement of three pebbles look like stepping stones on the water's surface.
Castle Crag blue hour reflections2019-12-24T09:54:55+00:00
A small arrangement of four smooth stones sit in a still lake at blue hour. In the distance, mountains covered in trees are reflected in the water's surface.
Sunrise above the clouds2019-12-24T10:21:05+00:00
From the summit of a mountain, the morning sun ignites a whole valley and turns the low cloud golden and bright. Light streams through the treeline and creates dramatic shapes and lines.
Lud’s Church2019-12-24T10:37:19+00:00
A lone figure stands in a huge chasm, dwarfed by sheer stone cliff either side.
Milky Way over Ashness Jetty2019-12-24T10:48:05+00:00
The milky way's galactic core can be seen striking down and meeting a jetty stuck out over the surface of a lake. At the end of the jetty, a person wearing a headtorch looks up to the starry sky.
A serene and abstract scene, where the treeline dissipates into a veil of fog.
Light trails down the winding road of Mam Tor2019-07-02T08:33:00+01:00
Steph, Rydal Water2019-12-24T11:08:51+00:00
A lone figure in a winter hat looks out over a calm, serene lake under steely skies.
Glencoe Stag2019-12-24T10:25:29+00:00
A side-on profile photo of an impressive stag in the Scottish Highlands.
A monochrome image of a row of pine trees falling away into fog.
The edge of Autumn2019-07-02T08:35:09+01:00
Two trees adorn autumn colours, and stand in dense fog. The larger one in the background is leaning over and pointing to the foreground tree. A valley drops off to the left with hints of golden leaves poking through the fog.
Automotive, Snake Pass2019-12-23T11:25:50+00:00
A black and white photo of a road bending through a forest. A small car is hurtling down the road, and the light can be seen reflecting off the roof
Cathedral Cave2019-06-25T15:09:46+01:00
A lone figure stands in a vast slate cave. A huge natural column holds the cave up, and light bursts into the cave from an entrance in the top right of the frame.
Adventuring through Rydal Cave2019-07-02T08:36:44+01:00
A person in outdoor clothing steps across stepping stones on the way out of a huge slate cave.
Staying dry with Mammut2019-06-25T15:03:48+01:00
A detail shot of a hand on a waterproof jacket zipper. It is raining and the jacket is soaking wet.
The Trinnacle, Dovestone Reservoir2019-06-25T14:51:40+01:00
A man in a yellow hood looks moodily out over the moorlands
A trip to Dovestones Edge2019-07-13T17:49:30+01:00
A photo over the shoulder of a person checking the time on their outdoor watch
Parkhouse Hill from Chrome Hill, sunrise2019-12-24T11:14:13+00:00
A sharp, jagged mountain juts out through a sprawling scene of farmers fields. A thin veil of mist hangs low in the valley and wraps itself around the mountain.
Aerial views over Snake Pass2019-06-25T15:06:51+01:00
An aerial view of a road bending through a forest as the last of the sunlight catches the tips of the pine trees.
Snowy adventures at Mam Tor2019-12-24T10:08:33+00:00
A commercial-style shot of walking boots caked in snow as a person walks along a snowy ridge.
Camping with Vango2019-06-22T18:08:47+01:00
A small tent, illuminated by a light under the darkness of night, is pitched up next to a picturesque river
High over Derwent Water2019-12-19T15:52:57+00:00
An aerial view of a cloud inversion rolling over the surface of a lake at the first moning light. The sunlight clips the top of a dense, leafy forest.
The lone tree at Rydal Water2019-12-23T11:21:09+00:00
Mist and rain beats down over a clear lake's surface. A single, lone autumnal tree sits on a small island in the centre of the scene.
Dusk at South Stack Lighthouse2019-01-11T08:48:53+00:00
A lighthouse shines over a dark, moody sea and sky. Seagulls, frozen by the photo, swirl around the lighthouse.
Out to sea2019-06-25T15:11:09+01:00
A minimal scene in which a stone pier reaches out into the sea. There is no line on the horizon where the sea and cloudy sky above meet.
Winter’s grasp2019-01-10T18:12:55+00:00
Two mature trees stand dominant in a misty, moody forest. Their branches are bare, and one branch off each has fallen on to a carpet of fallen Autumn leaves.
Staithes, awaken2019-01-11T08:49:17+00:00
A quaint fishing town is enveloped by a man-made harbour that circulates the town. The weather is drab, wet and moody. The soft, warm glow of the streelights stands out against the dawn darkness.
Autumn over Snake Pass2019-01-10T18:13:22+00:00
A birds eye view of a river meandering through an autumnal pine forest
Winding road of Mam Tor2019-06-25T15:07:50+01:00
A winding road meanders down through a hilly valley.
Forest fog at Snake Pass2019-06-25T15:04:37+01:00
A lone figure in a bright jacket stands in the middle of a path which leads off into a moody, foggy forest.
Thor’s Cave, Wetton2019-01-11T14:37:02+00:00
A silhouette stands in a large cave entrance. Behind the figure lay rolling green hills and forests.
Hope Valley Fog2019-06-25T15:05:32+01:00
A black and white scene of fog shrouding a row of trees along a deep valley floor.
Summer sunrise at Winnats Pass2019-06-25T14:59:10+01:00
A lone figure stands on a grassy ledge looking out over a sweeping valley.
Four trees stand arch in a line through a misty forest on a wet morning. One has fallen into the centre of the frame,
Wildfire at Ramshaw Rocks2018-11-13T23:42:33+00:00
As the sun sets over a large rock formation, a tinge of smoke hangs in the air from nearby wildfires.
Blue hour at Penmon Point2018-11-13T23:42:06+00:00
At sunrise on a clear day, a solitary black and white lighthouse stands tall at the edge of the shore.
Rainy sunrise over Winnats Pass, Peak District2018-11-13T23:40:21+00:00
Under a rainy, grey sky, a bright sunburst breaks through the cloud and illuminates a rugged, grassy hill scene.
The Lone Tree, Llanberis2018-11-13T23:41:31+00:00
A crooked tree stands alone in a lake before sunrise on a misty morning.
Purple Heather at Stanage Edge2018-11-13T23:40:32+00:00
The purple heather at Stanage Edge wraps itself around a unique rock formation. The purple moorlands stretch into the distance, before giving way to grey clouds swirling above.